Your home is perhaps the single most profound opportunity you will ever have to express yourself and to create the life you want to experience. Each project is as unique as the customer, from the location to the design to fit and finishes. Vancouver Island’s breathtaking beauty, varied topography and multifaceted climate present endless exceptional sites – as well as constant opportunities for innovative construction.

Our Values
As true as it was when Greg was 15, the principle that the customer comes first still reigns supreme. To support this foundational principle, GMCB operates on five core values:

RELATIONSHIP. We enjoy getting to know each client and developing a relationship beyond the blueprint. We learn what experience you seek with this home, your tastes, affinities and hobbies, your lifestyle and priorities. Your home, after all, is the ultimate expression of you.

FOCUS. By focusing on one project at a time, you receive undiluted attention and are ensured consistent communication about the progression of your home’s creation. Our single-minded focus also means that the entire team is focused exclusively on your home, you receive personalized service, and that Greg will be on-site daily.

FLEXIBILITY. The customer comes first, and we build with your best interests in mind – not just the blueprint in hand. We’re open to creative solutions and new ideas. As we get to know you, we’ll work to enhance your living experience through customized recommendations and innovative solutions. Nothing is set in stone – except, perhaps, the foundation.

CRAFTSMANSHIP. Quality is our legacy and the bottom-line key to our enduring success. In addition to our own skills, we’ve worked with the same highly skilled tradespeople for years, even decades, and their skill and commitment to quality is unparalleled. With GMCB, you know your home will be of the highest quality, built to last and enjoy for years to come.

THE WEST COAST EXPERIENCE. You’ve chosen Vancouver Island for your home – whether it’s primary or secondary, retirement or getaway – because of the region’s stunning beauty and the recreational opportunities it affords. GMCB helps to enhance that experience in numerous ways, including working with the landscape and ecologically sensitive areas, using locally sourced natural materials as much as possible, optimizing view corridors and sun arcs and protecting your home from the many moods of the weather.